Management District (LBMD)
East Troy Well

Anything else you’re interested in is not going to happen if you can’t breathe the air and drink the water. Don’t sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.

- Carl Sagan
Area Chairpersons are committed Lake Beulah residents who serve as the primary contacts to the Association. They are your friends and neighbors, familiar faces who understand the issues surrounding your community.
Should you have an interest or concern regarding the lake, please contact your area chair.

Country Club Lane & Austin Rd. - Jane Tanis
Phone 262-642-9232
Beulah Heights Rd. - Richard Stenglein
Phone 262-642-3643
Oakwood Ln. & It's a Little Road - Jim Holtermann
Phone 262-642-3050
Lake Rd. & Windy Way - Penny Clayton
Phone 262-642-3083
County Road J - Don Tacke
Phone 262-363-4327
Marsh Road & Millsite Road - Don Tacke
Phone 262-363-4327
Island Dr. & Golden Way - Jean Maiwald
Phone 262-363-0829
Brynes Ln. & Romadka Park Rd. - Roy Gerloff
Phone 262-642-5213
Horseshoe Ln. & East Shore Rd. (to Beulah Park) - Josie Midman
Phone 262-363-8892
Beulah Park Rd. - Ken & Pat Jarecki
Phone 262-642-9729
East Shore Rd. & Thistle Ln. - VOLUNTEER NEEDED
South Shore Dr. & Humphrey Ln. - Kathleen Tauger
South Shore Drive to Humphrey Lane - VOLUNTEER NEEDED
Kings Parkway & Kings Ln. - John and Bea Sonderegger
Phone 262-642-5716
Pastime Lane & Grandview Dr. - Bill and Maya Murphy
Phone 262-642-9837
Wilmers Grove Rd., Wilmers Point Ln. & Wilmers Landing - Brian Fons
Phone 262-642-9613
Stringers Bridge Rd., New Deal Ave. & West Bay Rd. - Michol Ford
Phone 262-642-5189
Beach Rd. & Deerpath Rd. - Amy Kagabitang
Phone 231-622-3093  
Please contact Alyssa Klopatek,, if you are interested in volunteering to be an area chairperson.

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